Richard Ullah

Key Account Manager

Groupe Lemoine PARIS

"In the record time of three months, the Magellano Soluzioni expertise has enabled us to fully understand the characteristics of the Italian market for our business through relevant studies and especially allowing us to personally meet more than 60 % of the buyers of large Italian Retailers! "

Shahid Mahmood

Commodities Delivery Manager

Central Sourcing & Business Planning
Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd London

«…. our time in Italy certainly helped develop our understanding of the Country and how we can potentially source our products in a different way.

I would like thank Magellano Soluzioni for the support and help you have provided to date:  it has been extremely useful and helpful. »

Albert Guy Mimouni

Former General Manager Sopexa Italy, Switzerland, Greece and Middle East,

currently Consultant of the European Commission for Community Development Projects.

“Magellano Soluzioni has a double advantage: a strong business skills related to a thorough knowledge of the Italian retail distribution. They have demonstrated effectiveness and creativity in the development and implementation of communication campaigns for the clients of Sopexa Italy. They helped to introduce French products into the Italian retailers through their comprehensive advice”

Francesco Maroni

Manager Cheese Cooperative Branzi

Member Agripromo Bergamo SpA

"Magellano Soluzioni has skillfully helped to promote and raise the awareness of the food production of the Bergamo territory  to a wider audience - both nationally and internationally - by providing as well a valuable management support to small niche companies like ours."

Renato Roca
General Manager Meals & Snacking Category  
CSI- Compagnia Surgelati Italiana S.P.A.

”Thanks to its product expertise, its professional experience and its network of correspondents in foreign markets, Magellano Soluzioni effectively accomplished an evaluation of the potential of launching a product line in various markets, even if they were very distant between each other.”